About our facility

Welcome to the Madras Performing Arts Center, our beautiful 600-seat facility located in Jefferson County, Oregon.

The height and prominent location of the PAC adds visual recognition to the building.
The 600-seat auditorium includes the latest in sound and lighting equipment.

Our facility includes a 600-seat auditorium with state of the art lighting and sound equipment, a combination green room / community room, and shared space with the Athletic Department stadium and sports fields.  This 34,000 sq ft facility was  funded by a $26.7 million bond measure approved by the voters of Jefferson County School District in 2012.

The Madras PAC is on the leading edge of performing arts technology, and includes automated controls for lighting and sound, programmable light sequencing and the ability to operate remotely.  The auditorium stage is spring-boarded, which makes it ideal for dancers, while “acoustic clouds” hanging from the auditorium, sound absorbing panels and even seating design contributes to maximizing sound quality and projection ability.  It has an expansive stage and professional quality dressing rooms complete with closed-circuit TV, so performers can check in on production progress.

Nearby, a spacious “green room” complete with kitchenette used as a gathering place by actors, dancers and band members preparing to enter the stage,  doubles as a multipurpose room for the district for staff training and is available for community use.

An assembly of railed catwalks is arrayed above the stage, where crew hands can operate the lights and other equipment, while the new technology will also provide students in the school’s drama program a chance to learn back room roles involved in production, such as lighting technicians and stage management.  A system of automated pulleys extending from a fly loft area is also in place for maximum flexibility in the streamlined shifting of scenery and backdrops.


The public entrance lobby area provides ample room for audiences to congregate or enjoy intermissions, while extensive use of glass adds to the airy feel, complemented by a cascading curved staircase leading to the upper level of the auditorium.

A beautiful performing arts venue serving Madras High School and surrounding community